Paranada (a bit of a rant)

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Posted by lav on August 20, 2005 at 10:18:16:

This week I bought a shirt and a bandana from Paranada. When I got home, I tried to put on the bandana but it was far to small - it honestly would have fit a small child or perhaps my pet rabbit. So, I looked in the bag for the receipt, but she'd only given me the debit receipt. I figured that would be good enough for an exchange, since it was pretty unlikely that many other stores sold these unique bandanas.

The next day my boyfriend was going to BC Liquor, so I asked him to stop at Paranada on the way and exchange the bandana for a larger one. He went in and gave the woman working the story about why he wanted to exchange it, and she obviously asked for a receipt. So he pulled the debit receipt (out of the PARANADA BAG) and showed it to her. She said, "Well this is a debit receipt for $34," to which he replied, "Yes, like I said, she also bought a shirt." So she pointed to the rack where they were and said, "They're over there." (Of course this is not a verbatim transcript.)

So he went over to the rack and started looking through them for a bigger one. She then came over with the bandana I had purchased originally, stretched the fabric and said, "What's THIS? [Gesturing to a pin-prick sized hole]. Probably the security tag!" He basically ignored her, and at some point or another my boyfriend picked up a significantly larger bandana made out of different material, and said he thought this one would fit. The woman told him that it was $2.27 cents more than the one I'd bought, so he put it back and proceeded to look for one like the original. Then, the woman picked up the bigger, different one, handed it to him, and said, "Just take this." With the warning that, "This doesn't happen all the time."

When he got home, he told me what happened and I was furious that they would accuse him of stealing a frilly, purple $5 head band and then try to exchange it for another one - it doesn't even make sense!

So I called the store, and began saying, "I'm calling because my boyfriend was doing me a favour by exchanging a bandana I bought yesterday along with a shirt, and someone working in the store accused him of stealing the bandana!" She replies, "Before you have a PANIC attack, the one we gave him was worth $2.27 more than the one you bought!" She then, from what I can assume, turns to the woman who was actually speaking with my boyfriend and says, "Did you say he stole the bandana." And the other woman says, "No," so the woman on the phone says, "See, she didn't say that." (Basically, she didn't say the word "steal"???) So I said, "OK Sorry, she didn't SAY steal, she implied that he'd ripped off the security tag," the woman HUNG UP on me.

Either way, I just moved here from Ontario a month ago; and I've NEVER had an experience in a store like this before in my life. I am starting to wonder what the he** is wrong with this city!

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