put a goddamned leash on

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Posted by I am a dog owner on October 10, 2006 at 11:02:14:

Pleze excuse the 'tude' in this letter - but I am SOooo $%^&^*()(
....-ed-off with some local denizens that I have to vent it.......
I am a dog owner...a new dog owner. Perhaps I'm not compleatly innocent of Dog-owner faux pas either...BUT...I do my best & make adjustments the more I learn about dogs & how to handle them -especially IN PUBLIC!
It seems tho, SOME folks cannot be bothered to be considerate of others? I have noticed over & over again a very annoying & potentially DANGEROUS habit amongst MANY local dog owners - and - here's the part that will REALLY piss off the feminist crowd - but here it is anyhow.....
I've noticed many womaen walking their dogs out in the neighborhood[nothing wrong with that] & LITERALLY - 98% of the time...they have a BIG dog with them[no doubt for protection as well as companionship](once again - nothing wrong there) but it seems that invariably...these dogs are NOT... repeat NOT - on a leash!?!
This is un-acceptable! What's worse, EVERY single time I say something to one of these people...it's ALWAYS the same dumb response..."oh, you don't need to worry, he's[she's] a good dog, a nice dog....he wouldn't hurt a flea.."...........blather blather blather ad nauseum.......
Listen you idiots - whether YOUR dog is or isn't going to 'hurt a flea' is NOT - repeat NOT - the ONLY consideration in these situations! AS an example....some little dogs[like mine] need to assert themselves around other dogs that are bigger than they are[much like "little-man" syndrome in men] & they provoke other dogs into aggressiveness which otherwise, the 'nice big dog' who wouldn't typically hurt a flea - ends up hurting your dog or - you or BOTH!
Once one of these big dogs has switched into "primal mode" - no yelling & screaming at the dog is going to stop them from expressing their nature...especially if the dog weighs 100 lbs. + & the woman with the dog weighs in at a whopping 110 lbs., so you know there isn't going to be any physical restraint if the dog goes agro - but hgaving a leash on them makes them behave differently in those scenarios.
So...my point? Simple........put a goddamned leash on your dog....especially if its a BIG dog...whether or not your dog is the cuddliest dog in the world is irrelevant to the equation....try some damned consideration for others.......

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