Stormin' Norman's Spirit Grill

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Posted by Lance on April 03, 2007 at 23:24:55:

I just discovered this website, I am so glad becuse I want to do a shout out. I moved to the Drive almost 6 months ago. I have visited each and every restaurant(some, more than a few times)on this street. I have to say my absolute favourite place is "Stormin Norman's".

Out of all the places this is the one place I consistently receive a warm welcome, great food & great service. A lot of places on the drive can take some lessons from these guys. I do not want to mention any names, I'm sure you all are aware as to which places I am referring to.

Besides the absolutely fantastic, diverse, dynamic menu, the owners are funny & passionate. They really care about the customer. They want you to enjoy whatever you order. The staff are great & attentive. Each time I go back I try something different, no losers yet.

I love the fact that you can dress your own burger at their huge condiment station. It's fabulous! If you have ever been, you know about their green signs. They tell you in a nice way not to be a pig. You know it's bad when you have to put signs out. I spoke to Monique & Normand about that one day. They told me some great stories. It's pretty sad that people cannot appreciate this luxury. So, I'll say it for them. It's there for you to dress your item ONLY!!! Not a "all you can eat buffet/salad bar/condiment bar"!!! You want extra, you will pay! I have witnessed some idiots they have served. I say to those people, get some class. Everyone that has not checked out this amazing burger joint, I recommend you do so.

Keep up the good work guys!
You got me for life!


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